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Haz crecer tu proyecto con la mejor calidad de sonido

Déjame ayudarte a seguir creciendo.

Cada día, pierdes clientes simplemente por no disponer de un sonido de buena calidad. Puede que la parte visual sea espectacular, pero ¿estás seguro de que suenas bien?

Un sonido deficiente es una gran distracción y puede hacer que tu mensaje no se escuche con claridad. Esto te está costando valiosas ventas y frenando tu crecimiento. 

Desde Anavi Sound queremos ayudarte a que  tu negocio salte al siguiente nivel asegurándonos de que tu mensaje se escuche más claro que nunca.

Tu proyecto es tan importante para mí como lo es para ti. 




I know how frustrating is to be just a number. I experience it myself. That is why  I will offer you a different feedback.



Hello, my name is Alicia Navarro Vicéns (ANAVI) and I can tell you that I have been working in the AUDIO world for the last 18 years, and during this time blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....

But let's go to the IMPORTANT stuff: During these years I haven't stopped working and LEARNING, so I'm up to date with the latest trends and technological advances. I am conscientious and I like to do things well, I never leave anything half done. I am ENTHUSIASED by my work and I love to collaborate with people who have something to say. VOICE treatment and sound design are "my passion". I am 100% human, and 0% "AI", with the good and the bad that comes with it, but above all with the good. I'm a Capricorn, my favourite colour is blue and I'm more of a mountain person.

I want to hear all about YOUR PROJECT. Tell me all about it.



Fill the form and tell me what do you need so i can start working on how can I help you

I'll be updating you on every step of the process, so you'll be an active part of it. The job is not done until you say it.


Post your audio on every platform and let your customers enjoy the results of your effort. 


At Anavi sound we know that you want to be an industry leader. In order to do that you need to create impact. The problem is your message is getting lost in terrible sound, wich is frustrating because it feels that your efforts are going to waste. I believe that marketing isn’t just about looking good. It is about sounding good to. We understand the importance of clear comunication wich is why i use my 18 years of experience to help yu sound at your best. Here is how we do it: 1. I’ll meet with you to learn about  who you are and what you need 2. Discuss whether do you need, sound editing and/or sound design 3. Continue to support you until you sound awesome. Apply to work with me now, and in the meantime, download my 10 tips for improving your podcast, so you can stop waisting resorces and start leading from the front

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